Chongz Twisterella

Chongz offers a model that stands out from classic bangs! Its beaker shape with a disc-shaped percolator, its large chimney containing the strangest red liquid, and its black mouthpiece!

It has very interesting characteristics: its vase houses a percolator disc which will allow maximum ventilation of the smoke, which will then pass through the cooling chamber of the column (place it in the freezer a few hours before your session for a so fresh effect. !), and the mouthpiece can also be used as an “ice” system, you can put some ice cubes in it to further increase the effect of freshness, the double kiss cool effect!

The socket is also very practical with its 18.8 mm connector, it is equipped with three small handles in the form of glass balls, for safe handling, and to prevent a possible fall if you place it on a table. This bong is also removable for easy cleaning! Finally, the must of the must, you can change the liquid contained in the cooling chamber, the best!



Additional information

Weight 1.30 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 52 cm


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