Roor Conical Bong

Each range of bongs has its own signature. The ROOR collection is no exception – thick-walled pipes with clean lines and a very minimalist finish give this collection its originality.

Constructed from high quality silicate glass, the ROOR water pipes are not only highly durable, but also look extremely stylish!

ROOR water pipes are forged at very high temperatures – after being put in a specially developed chip-controlled program, they are then cooled in a kiln; this makes them stress free, therefore ROOR water pipes far stronger than many other bongs. No need to worry about those little bangs and scrapes!

A noted feature of the ROOR bong is its strong, saucer-like base. They are designed to ensure safe use and storage, unlike some cheaper varieties around, which do not have such great foundations.

An added touch to ROOR water pipes are the glass gauzes. No need to worry about replacing filters! The original glass design enhances the flavour and cleanliness of your smoke, making it even more of a pleasure!


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Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 34 × 7.1 × 35 cm



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